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2017: Vol XXV, No. 14

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Social and Political Factors That Have Contributed To the Safeguard of the Alentejano Folk Singing As a Social Cohesion Instrument PDF
Gustau Olcina-Sempere
The Academic Musical Performance And Its Conditioners: How Do The Creativity, Laterality And The Musical Intelligence Affect? PDF
Gustau Olcina-Sempere
Effective Interventions on Infertile Couples' Marital Relationships PDF
Marayam Hajizade Valokolaee, Soghra Khani
Analyzing Affective Factors on Students’ Vitality in High Schools PDF
Hamid Reza Azemati, Somayeh Pourbagher, Mahdi Ghaempanah
A prediction model for fracturing grouting pressure in soil mass PDF
Zhi-bin Wang, Jin-feng Zou
Investigation on the Key Problems of Elder Social Care Service and the Development Direction in China PDF
Lan Ma
Study of Vibration of a Cracked Cantilever Beam PDF
V. Khalkar, S. Ramachandran
A Preliminary Study of the Strawberry Soils Infected by Gray Mold Based on in Situ Electrical Conductivity PDF
Quanzhi Wang, Yangfan Zheng, Lingyi Tang, Yuanhua Wang, Ping Yang, Zhiming Yan
Differences between Men and Women in Response to Antiplatelet Drugs in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease on Dual Antiplatelet Therapy PDF
Violeta Irić-Ćupić, Anita Ivošević, Goran Davidović, Ivan Simić, Vladimir Zdravković, Rada Vučić, Vesna Ignjatović, Vladimir Ignjatović
Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow in Two Dimensions by the Finite Volume Method PDF
Abdekader Djerad, Brahim Bouderah, Ibrahim Mabrouki
Job Opportunities and Outcomes Appropriateness to the Needs of Labor Market: An Empirical Study on Student Studying Libraries at Balqa Applied University PDF
Dr. Amal Yassin Majali, Jordan ,
Efficiency Evaluation of Regional Water Development-Utilization-Treatment System: Using a Novel Multi-Stage Circular DEA Approach PDF
Liming Yao, Yue Su, Ying Li
L (3, 2, 1)-Labeling Problems on Permutation Graphs PDF
Sk Amanathulla, Madhumangal Pal
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Environmental Uncertainty on Relational Governance : Comparative Analysis about Non-Competitive Alliances and Competitive Alliances in the Construction Industry PDF
yanling Zhao
Agricultural Development of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in the Years of Independence (1991-2015-Years) PDF
Khazar Huseynov
Automation and monitoring of poultry house utilizing wireless sensor network PDF
Marcelo Eduardo de Oliveira, Luciana Vieira Piza, Aldo Ivan Céspedes Arce, Ana Carolina de Sousa Silva, Ernane José Xavier Costa, Adriano Rogério Bruno Tech
Surface-Textured Effect on Properties of Transparent and Conducting Al-doped ZnO film PDF
Shiuh-Chuan Her, Tsung-Chi Chi
18th Amendment Act and Federalism in Pakistan: Provincial Perspective PDF
Zahir Shah, Manzoor Ahmad, Naveeda Yousaf
Supplementation of Citric acid, Phytase and Organic Trace Elements Affects Bone Mineralization in Labeo rohita Fingerlings PDF
Syed Zakir Hussain Shah, Muhammad Afzal, Khalid Abbas, Muhammad Shahid
Production Constraints and Farmers-Preferred Traits of Pigeonpea Varieties: Implications for Breeding in Tanzania PDF
Didas Kimaro, Rob MelisJulia, Sibiya ,, Hussein Shimelis
Immune Response after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review PDF
Diana Christine Lalenoh
Federalism in United States and Pakistan: A Juxtaposition PDF
Manzoor Ahmad, Naveeda Yousaf, Zahir Shah
Color Changes of Oral Composite Resins and Decrease in Surface Microhardness Caused by Commercial Alcoholic Drinks PDF
In-Sung Luke Yeo, Sukhyun Hwang, Jung-tae Lee, Wanki Kim, Yong-Tae Kim, Shin-Hyae Cheong
Assessing Elite Capture and its linkage with the Resource Hijack: Empirical Evidences from FATA, Pakistan. PDF
Umer Khayyam, Ehsan Inamullah, Syed Shah
Comparative Analysis of Mental Stress and Related Risk Factors among Newly Diagnosed Type- 2 Diabetic Patients PDF
Hajra Ahmad, Zaheer Ahmed, Rezzan Khan, Asma Afreen
Assessment of Ochratoxin A in Peanuts by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Qazvin, Iran PDF
Mostafa Noroozi, Rosa Zavoshy, Fatemeh Kazemi, Naghmeh Sayadi, Moosa Seifzade, Reza Noorian
Evaluation and Comparing the Performance of Crossing Offspring between Afshari, Moghani, Shal and Varamini Ram Breeds and Varamini Ewe of Iran PDF
Reza Seyed Sharifi, Jamal Seif Davati, Azadeh bostan, Sima Savar Sofla, Ali Mojtahedin
Molecular Epidemiology and Characterization of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Genotypes in Chronic HBV Patients of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan PDF
Zia Ur Rahman Awan, Abdul Haleem Shah, Sanaullah Kahan
A Cohort Study of Simple Noninvasive Parameters Reflecting Fibrosis and Cirrhosis in Chronic HCV Patients PDF
Abdur Rahim, Mukhtiar Hassan, Ghosia Luthfullah, Zia Ur Rahman Awan, Hayat Khan
Strategic Management of Corporate Brand Added Value (CBAV) Measuring: An Extending New Product Life Cycle Viewpoint PDF
Gang Zong, Alireza Mamaghani
Integrated Supply Chain and QFD Tool for Quality, Value and Cycle Time Management PDF
Vikrant Dongre, Malay Niraj
Determination of the Behavior of Farmers of Battambang, Cambodia towards Pig Raising Applying Tobit Model PDF
siek darith, Shiwei Xu, Wen Yu, Abdul-Gafar Ahmed, Muhammad Luqman
A Bootstrap Rolling-Window Analysis of the Causal Relationship between Stock Prices and Copper Futures Prices PDF
Chen Ming, Ma Yusong, Huang Zheng, Liu Yifang
Strengths, Weaknesses and Teaching Methodologies of FFS as Agricultural Extension Strategy (Case Study of District Sargodha, Pakistan) PDF
Muhammad Luqman, Xu Shiwei, Tahir Munir Butt, Gao Qijie, Yu Wen, Akash Nougha Victor
Effects of the Prenatal Ballet Program On Pregnant Stress and Delivery Self-Efficacy of Pregnant Women PDF
Muyeong Seak Yang, Hee Kyung Kim
Application and Role of ICT in Religious Education (RE) PDF
Leonard Chidi Ilechukwu, Rose Nkechi Uchem
Constructivist Teaching and Learning Theory Approach: A Panacea to Students’ Declining Interest in Christian Religious Education (CRE) In Nigeria PDF
Dr. Leonard Chidi Ilechukwu, Usulor, Jacob
Monosaccharide Composition Analysis of Polysaccharides from Aconitum Kusnezoffii Based On HPLC-MS PDF
Zhang Ya-li, Gao Jian, Miao Xiang-zhen, Zhang Xiao, Yuan Jiang, Wang Bei-bei, Wang Jia-li, Liu Yong-gang, Tan Peng