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Developing an Instrument of Measure Cognitif Style Field Dependent and Field Independent In Junior High School Students

Supardi U.S, Hasbullah ,


The purpose of this research is to design and develop cognitive style measurement instruments In Junior High School students. The method used is research and development in phases: designing and developing instruments that come with manual charging and usage tips, expert testing, pre-test the empirical, and empirical testing. Test experts or assessments by experts through quantitative and qualitative assessment. Pre empirical testing or pre field test is a test instrument on a small scale and empirical testing or field testing is testing on a large scale to Junior High School students. The stage of pre-test of empirical and empirical testing is testing the validity and instrument reliability calculation. Each stage of testing experts and empirical testing, followed by refinement or revision of the instruments developed. Based on the results of this study concluded that cognitif style measurement instrument can be developed with six indicators consist of: The ability to think, learn orientation, ability to remember material, reinforcement Receiving, Choosing the type of lesson, and problem solving skills. The dimention of cognitive style consist of field dependent dan field independent. 

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