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An Investigation of the Relationships between Internet TV Connectedness, Product Placement and Mobile Adverting Effect toward Customer’s Value and Purchase Intention

Yu-Bing Wang


The effectiveness of product placement on Internet TV programs and mobile advertising are not easy to evaluate prior to purchase and consumption. Form the research background, this study aims to understand how Internet television connectedness and product placement combine with mobile advertising effect could positively influence customer’s value and purchase intention, and eventually results the purchase behavior in the context of multi mobile devices and cross-screen online shopping environment.


Product placement, as an integrated marketing communication tool, is widely applied to increase attention, interest, and purchasing intention (Guennemann and Cho, 2014). By survey literary materials, 309 samples of data were collected through online survey websites. Data were analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM), and the findings show that customer value could be the most effective variable for marketer to operator customers’ online purchase intention, by increasing the viewers Internet TV connectedness and the effectiveness of product placement strategy and mobile advertising.


Results indicate Internet TV connectedness and product placement are positively influence mobile advertising effect, and mobile advertising effect had mediator effect between Internet TV connectedness and customer value; and between product placement and customer value. Moreover, there is a strong positive relation between customer value and purchase intention; and a moderator effect of supplementary services revealed as significant influence and increased the direct relationship between customer value and purchase intention.


In conclusion, Businesses can observe the hypotheses of the study and use proven results to adjust future advertising strategy during further product/brand awareness events. 

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