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Empirical Study on Information Seeking and Betting Behavior in Taiwan Sports Lottery

Fang-Kun Kuo


This study aimed to explore the relationship between information seeking and betting behavior of Taiwanese in sports lottery. Factors were analyzed to establish a scale for constructing a model of sports lottery information seeking and betting behavior. Construct validity for the model was established using structural equation for empirical analysis. After two revisions, model fit was mostly consistent with recommended standards, thereby establishing the model showing the significant relationship between sports lottery information seeking and betting behavior. Specifically, information seeking had the greatest impact on newspaper and magazine search and discussion with family and friends while betting behavior had the greatest impact on winning expectation and economic consideration. To encourage more enthusiasm for sports lottery, measures for high stake wager on sports lottery, increase in the variety of betting methods, instituting a Chinese Professional Baseball League unit to supervise competition and on-line betting for live games are recommended.

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