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Factors Responsible for Glass Ceiling in Public Sector of Punjab, Pakistan: (An Exploratory Study Conducted In Punjab, Pakistan)

Moazzama Naseer, Yasir Nawaz Manj, farah riaz, amna afzal


The aim of this study is to present broad issue of gender phenomena and to provide different definitions. The major objective of the study was to explore the difficulties that stunts women’s progression to the hierarchy and to propose feasible suggestions as how human resource professionals and organizations can address this issue. Special focus is given to those barriers which are creating hurdles for women advancement in career. Whole study is about glass ceiling concept, which is certainly the most complex phenomena because it is caused by multiple factors. Cross Sectional study was conducted and quantitative approach was used in the study. A sample of 300 respondents was taken from 2 districts of two of Punjab, Rawalpindi and Sargodha. Data was collected from male and female employees through multistage sampling techniques. The study has found that 62.7% women who are doing jobs in public sector of Punjab province were facing Glass ceiling. 70% of the respondents have the view that beyond a point woman cannot grow in the organization. 85.7% of the respondents were agreed that gender Stereotypes down grade the abilities of women. There is a firm glass ceiling that is presented and that is opposing their progress in their upper hierarchy of their occupational path. Breaking the glass ceiling requires a major commitment on the part of organizations to take action in promoting and advancing people regardless of their gender or ethnicity and for men to take an active role as partners in implementing this change.

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