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Reviewing Female Sexual Satisfaction Predictors

Mansoureh Afzali, Soghra Khani, Zeinab Hamzegardeshi, Forouzan Elyasi, Reza-Ali Mohammadpour


Background: Sexual satisfaction (SS) is defined as one of the individual needs and interpersonal interactions closely connected with the health of human and society. The present research aims to review the predictors of women's sexual satisfaction.

Materials and Methods: The researchers have conducted computer search by the key words: "female sexual satisfaction", "predictors", in public web sites including Google Scholar Search, and the exclusive ones as ProQuest, SCOPUS, PubMed, ISI Web of, Science Direct, and the domestic journals such as: SID. 151 papers have been investigated. The studies have been screened based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. And ultimately 57 papers have been applied.

Results: Reviewing the articles' results has led to organizing the issues in three general categories of interconnected factors with SS, socio-demographic factors, general-health related, interpersonal interactions and marital relation associated factors. The most prevalent socio-demographic variables predicting SS include age, the number of children and marriage duration. The most crucial factors linked with general health category are couple's physical and mental health, sexual relation continuation, and the experience of orgasm. SS has been reported higher among the women who are mentally healthy and, on the other hand intimate with their spouses in all sexual and non-sexual affairs.

Conclusion: This study’s findings showed those socio-demographic variables, physical and mental health and intimacy with sexual partner accompanied with healthy sexual function and the experience of orgasm are the predictors of female sexual satisfaction. These findings are applied to promote the couple consulting services in order to improve SS.

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