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Increasing Quality of Passenger Transport Service with the Help of Planning of Driver’s Rational Working Schedule

Galkin Andrii, Davidich Yurii, Tatyana Grigorova, Kush Yevhen, Tkachenko Irina, Armen Atynian, Davidich Nataliia


The quality of public municipal passenger transport can be increased with the help of influence on the driver’s state due to the rational schedule planning of his rest. The purpose of the article is to estimate the significance of safety transportation factor for passengers as working quality parameter of municipal passenger transport and to define the regularities of drivers’ state changes during the standing time.

The state change regularities of municipal passenger transport drivers during the standing time on the final and intermediate bus stops were formalized based on field observations. The intensity of decreasing of driver’s body stress is inversely proportional to the meaning of activity index of driver’s regulatory systems (EEG) before the start of standing time. Regression model and system analysis have been used to formalize results.

The results of the research gave us a possibility to determine the importance of quality score during the process of movement for passengers. Comparative analysis of driver’s state changes during the different types of standing time shows the comparability of the results of the study. Based on it, the regression models of activity index change of driver’s regulatory body systems after standing time have been developed. This information formed the basis of driver’s working scheduled and allow to decrease the probability of changeover of driver’s body systems at the overstress level and adaptation breakdown and increase the level of safety and quality of transportation in municipal public transport.

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