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Socio-Economic and Psychological Determinants of Selfie Developing Behavior among Youth in Dera Ghazi Khan-Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Tarar, Aman Haya, Babar Akram, Noreen Akhtar, Roomana Naz, Naseem Akhter, Muzaffar Hussain Salik, Sumaira Bano, Muhammad Imran, Saira Akhtar, Saima Afzal, Farhat Hayat, Sumaira Yasime


Technology shift has changed the world into global village and people are now no more far away. This technology has facilitated with internet and internet provided many online social networking sites which connects people at each moment. With this ease and access of networking sites, there emerged a trend of posting photos of self which later named as selfies. Selfies are photos which people take of their own self and are more likely to share on social websites to gain feedback of people. This trend is becoming very popular around the world so present study has been designed to study the socio-economic and psychological factors which develop the selfie taking behavior and the purpose of taking selfies among youth with special focus on Tehsil Dera Ghazi Khan. A total of 160 respondents of age group (15-30) were selected randomly from different educational institutions and social backgrounds to assess their extent of taking selfies and factors behind this behavior. It was predicted that youth was influenced by selfie trend and this leads the selfie takers towards selfie addiction. Data was collected through well structured interview schedule and analyzed through statistical package for social science. Results indicated that youth was highly involved in selfie taking at different events for the purpose of documenting memories. Males were involved in posting selfies to social networking sites at high rate while females were not posting their selfies due to religious and societal issues regarding Pakistani society. It was concluded that selfie takers were neither psychologically obsessed with selfies nor they faced any accident due to selfies but constant practices can lead to many mental disorders. It was suggested to replace the idea of selfies as kind of entertainment with source of information about personalities.

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