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The Integrated Training Mode of Practical Teaching and Classroom Teaching for Industrial Engineering Education

Xiaohui Dong, Shucong Zhen, Ruhong Ma, Jianlin Wang


Industrial engineering is an independent engineering discipline featured with engineering, integration, practicability and creativity that combines the latest achievements of engineering, science, management science, natural sciences, social sciences and many other related disciplines. Based on the analysis of both domestic and overseas training modes for industrial engineering professionals, this study proposed an integrated training mode that combines practice teaching and classroom teaching with respect to the existing problems of discrepancy between practical teaching and theoretical teaching,and lack of practical trainings on computer simulation and virtual,and  Insufficient trainings on comprehensive application in China’s current industrial engineering training system. The specific training method is discussed from four aspects: in order to eliminate large time gap between curriculum design and classroom, the integrated training mode of curriculum design into classroom teaching is proposed; In order to inspire students’ interest, the integrated training mode of experimental teaching into classroom teaching is proposed; In order to improve students’ creativity and their comprehensive application ability, the integrated training mode of project design throughout the whole process of undergraduate classroom teaching is proposed; and the construction of the integrated experimental teaching mode with virtual design is proposed. The integrated mode of practical teaching and classroom teaching proposed by this study not only can consolidate students’ theoretical knowledge and stimulate their interest, but also can improve their practical skills and creativity to a certain extent. It will provide a reference basis for the establishment and optimization of a professional training program that can meet the modern requirements on IE professionals.

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