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Electronic Document Management System Model for Higher Education Institutions in Nigeria

Molokwu B. C, Okoronkwo M. C., Agu M. N.


Digitization, which is being fuelled by the day-to-day discoveries and advancements in the field information and communications technology (ICT), has greatly impacted on the way humans perform their day-to-day activities. This impact began some decades ago as a result of the presence of computers. With over 2 billion personal computers currently in global usage, and over 3 billion internet users; digitization has become the current technology trend. This study focused on analysing, conceptualizing, proposing, and designing a robust and effective Electronic Document Management model for Nigerian higher-education institutions. A generic organizational chart of Nigerian universities was used to conceptualize the flow of data and information between the various management levels. This resulted in the design of an architectural template which enhances the flow of documents and files electronically with the aim of disposing the manual flow of paper documents within the system. The resultant four-tier architecture system was modelled using the Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology, and it is platform-independent. It can be deployed using both web and desktop technologies. It provides a stable data-capturing system as well as an information-sharing network and communication channel that promote documents digitalization against paper documents or files.

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