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Impact of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Breaking Bud Dormancy among Selected Tea Varieties

Syed Ahsan Shah, Azhar Hussain Shah, Abdul Waheed, Abdul Majid, Niaz Ali, Inayat ur Rahman, Uzma Khan


Present study evaluated nine (09) tea varieties (Roupi, Jueking, Chyue, Hangshah, P-3, Turkish, Indonesian, Japanese and Serilankan) against four nitrogen treatments (T1= 0 kgha-1, T2= 200 kgha-1, T3= 400 kgha-1 and T4= 600 kgha-1) to select the most suitable concentration of nitrogen for braking bud dormancy. Experiment was conducted at National Tea and High Value Crop Institute (NTHRI) Shinkiari, Mansehra during 2012-2013, in complete randomize block design (RCBD) with three replications. Data on different parameters viz; plant height, number of buds, number of leaves, leaf length, leaf width, chlorophyll contents and photosynthetic activities were recorded.  Statistical analyses of data showed significant variations among varieties, treatments and their interaction. All the varieties responded negatively with respect to all the traits at T4 and there was a differential response of each varity to all the treatment regarding leaf length and leaf width. However significantly higher growth, number of buds, number of leaves, chlorophyll contents and photosynthetic activities were observed at T3 in all the tea varieties. It may be concluded from the results of present study that T3 (400 kgha-1 nitrogen) is the best fertilizer concentrations for breaking bud dormancy and enhancing the performance of yield assorted traits in all the tea varieties. 

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