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A Novel Approach for Intelligent Chat Express System

Veeramalai Sankaradass


Chats reflect the recent trends of the society. Sometimes, it is possible to meet eminent people in chatting and have their advice. Chat Express is a graphical chatting application that makes chatting a pleasant experience. The existing communication system is not built as a software application. Everybody communicates with others physically or through the mails. It does not categorize the users depending on their interests. This type of communication channel fails in providing effective user friendly communication between the users. To make this complex communication job simple and allows the users to participate in live communication and save unproductive time it is to be built as a software application. This Proposed system has been developed in order to overcome the difficulties encountered while using the mailing system for communication between the users. Providing user friendly communication channel, live communication facility, categorizing the users, logging the communication transaction, sending public & private messages, sending instant & offline messages, graphical communication is motivating factors for the development of this system. This proposed system mainly used to communicate with people working in other branches which are located in other area, state, or country. It is more flexible in transferring message, documents, video, image or any kind of multimedia file. In parallel, both of them can edit the file and can mutually transfer the file. While transfer the file or chatting with other people, the security facilities will be closely observed and improved automatically. This proposed system is more efficient and fulfill the desired requirement in high speed.

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