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Visual Function Enhancement Training Architecture Design Using Real Time Information Processing and Monitoring Technology

Jong Soo Lee, Dong-Kyun Kim, Do-Hee Kim, Ji-Young Sung, Ho-Seob Lim, Jei-Pil Wang


It is important to repeat the training for the improvement of amblyopia. However, there is a need to develop the training contents because most of training contents make users get easily bored due to lack of immersion and fun factors, slowing down repetitive training function. This study was intended to develop a training content that can partially restore visual function deteriorated due to eye diseases such as ametropia (myopia or amblyopia) and delay visual deterioration through visual function enhancement training. In this system, we established visual function enhancement training system process for those with amblyopia through developing visual function enhancement training device and system that can be used for those with amblyopia. By establishing eye disease screening scenarios and training procedures applicable to visual function enhancement training using visual function enhancement platform architecture design applied with big data-based real-time information processing and monitoring technology, it is possible to provide more accurate diagnosis to patients This study is intended to complement the existing offline function diagnosis/training method to allow the doctor who is leading diagnosis and training to collect patient information online through remote patient management.

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