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Assessing the Usability of Punjab Educational Board Websites: A Heuristic Evaluation

Nadeem Yaqub, Umar Shoaib, Muhammad Shahzad Sarfraz


An objective of a website is to deliver state-of-the-art information and services to its users. Preferably, the design and structure of a website is focusing technology or organizational structure rather than its usability from user’s perspective. User spend several minutes and get worthless information while surfing a website having low usability. Educational board websites need to provide updated information to students, teachers, administrators and others in efficient and effective manners. There are several usability model exists for the evaluation of such websites. In this review article we evaluated the usability and accessibility of eight educational board websites of Punjab in Pakistan based on "Web Usability Evaluation Model" (WUEM). The presented results can assist designers in terms of usability while designing a website for any organization.

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