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Estimation of the Volume of Pleural Effusion in the Thoracic Phantom by Examination of the Lateral Position of the Decubitus Phototoraks

Bambang Satoto, Wahyu Setia Budi, Yuyun Yueniwati, Noor Hamdani


Background: Pleural effusion is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cavity between visceral pleura and parietal pleura. Measurement of the volume of pleural effusion becomes very important. Objective: Of the study to find mathematical model or equation relationship between height and length of water image with water volume in the thoracic phantom Material and methods: The fluid-filled volume in phantom starts from 20 ml up to 800 ml. Prior to the image shooting, setting an object position and an exposure factor was carried out. The shooting is done every 20 ml increase, so there are 40 shots. Furthermore, the measurement of the image of water includes the height and length of the water image in computer radiography. Results: From the results of the measurements, each was analyzed for the height and length of time to the volume of phantom. The result of the calculation of the two sizes to the phantom volume obtained the equation for calculating the volume estimation with the water image at the lateral position decubitus. Conclusions: Relationship of image height and volume following an equation, volume = 126.9 x height and for length x height following an equation, volume of pleural effusion = 6.584 × (height × length) where each result on correlation of volume of equation with phantom volume there is significant correlation, height r2 = 0.988 sig 0.000 and height x length r2 = 0.990 sig.0.000, respectively. 

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