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Digital Counting and Dispersion of Sugarcane Aphids on Sorghum Leaves

Uziel Francisco Grajeda -González, Midori Tuda, Norberto Alan Medina Aguirre, Héctor Flores- Breceda, Humberto Rodríguez- Fuentes, Urbano Luna- Maldonado, Juan Antonio Vidales- Contreras, Alejandro Isabel Luna- Maldonado


Objective: The main aim of this study is to develop an imaging acquisition and processing system to count and measure dispersion of sugarcane aphids (SCA) on sorghum leaves. It is because, infestation and dispersion of SCA had caused from 30 to 100% of damage in sorghum crop in Mexico and infestation and dispersion are being counted by people to establish an estimate of damage; however, it takes considerable time. Materials and Methods: A computer program was run in ImageJ to count the SCA nymphs and adults on images taken by a smart telephone. Result: The result obtained with the computer program were 267 SCA on a leaf like those obtained with the visual inspection by human. In addition, the Nearest Neighbour (0.3588) showed a significant degree of clustering of the aphids. Conclusion: Due to the rapid spread and reproduction of the pest in different areas of Mexico, it is essential to use technologies such as image acquisition and processing as well as vision machine to assist monitoring and speed up the counting process and then be at same pace of life cycle of the aphid. To avoid the spatial dispersion pattern and density of sugarcane aphid, we can release a suitable density of beneficial insects such as lady beetle as they can control the population of SCA.

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