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Svetlana Anatolyevna Ilinykh, Maria Vasilievna Udaltsova, Alfred Iosifovich Kreik, Mikhail Vasilievich Melnikov, Andrey Alekseevich Makartsev, Svetlana Vladimirovna Rovbel


Aim (Background): the article proposes a scientifically grounded theoretical and methodological model of the institutional system of society and provides an empirical demonstration of it on the example of the institution of family. Materials and methods:  the study is based on the fundamental ideas of sociology, comparative analysis, and interdisciplinary approach. Theoretical research is grounded on conceptual works and findings of Russian and foreign authors that focus on analyzing institutionalism. The empirical study involved surveying young married couples. Results: Having applied the developed research methodology, the authors revealed that there are groups of phenomena that fulfill a function homogeneous and fundamental for the society within a particular social institution. These include social regulators, social organization forms, latent dynamic and actual dynamic conditions in which social regulators and social forms of organization operate. The institutional system of the society is hierarchical and includes social institutions, sub-institutions, institutes, and basic institutional complexes. The institution of family is one of the main social institutions. The violation of institutional regulators leads to an imbalance in the whole institution. Satisfaction with family and marital relationships which can be habitualized is one of these regulators.

Conclusion: The article presents the results of an empirical study of young married couples that analyzed their satisfaction with family and marital relationships. The findings obtained in the study make a contribution into theoretical sociology from the perspective of institutionalization. The results of the research can be used in further work on the issues related to the institution of family.

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