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Developing a High-Performance Voice recognition design model Utilizing Commands Database Approach

Hebah H. O. Nasereddin, Ayoub Abdelrahman Al-Omari


The last decades have witnessed a tremendous evolution and growth in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and still more and more to emerge. The evolution has been notably recorded in many fields of ICT; such as Internet technologies. Voice recognition is the technologies by which sounds, words or phrases spoken by humans are converted into electrical signals to make microprocessor-based devices (e.g., desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, etc.) , Voice recognition e-book library is a chosen software to apply the approach on it where an online library will be developed and it will contains the books names and the user can interact with it using his/her voice by giving commands to search for a book, see information about it and read it. Voice recognition e-book library will also be used to test the provided design model approach and evaluate it with the most succeeded commands in terms of hit ratio (H). Therefore, Voice recognition e-book library will be used to test the designed model approach ability to be used in multi-languages systems. The research challenges can be concluded as follows: Words Similarity, Commands contains from two words or more, spoken language not equal written language.

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