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Trends in Mothers to Utilize Prenatal Care in Rural Pakistan a Cross Sectional Study

Noreen Akhtar, Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah, Muhammad Ali Tarar, Naseem Akhtar, Tahira Shamshad, Rashida Qazi, Nasir Ali Tauqir


Apposite use of prenatal care ensures the avoidance of potential medical impediments and help to maintain mother and neonatal health. Although the rate of maternal and neonatal mortality in South Asia especially in Pakistan are reducing but when we compare Pakistan with the regional countries it’s still alarmingly high. The aim of this study was to highlight factors associated with the utilization of prenatal and postnatal cares by mothers of selected rural areas of Pakistan. It was a cross-sectional study which was carried out among 600 mothers of rural areas of three selected districts of Punjab.It was found out that 92.8 % of mothers received prenatal care and only 7.2 % of the mothers did not receive prenatal care although they were aware of the importance of prenatal care. From the sample 60.2 % of the mothers were having age between 26 to 35 and 47.5 % of the mothers were having their age between 19 to 24 years at the time of their marriages. Overall 32.7 % of the mothers and 18.3 % of their husbands were illiterate. The independent variables like, age of the respondent, monthly family income, cost of prenatal care, residential distance and education of husband and wife showed highly significant association with the utilization of prenatal care.

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