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A proposed university teaching strategy that combines the advantages of E-learning, Blended learning and Flipped Learning

Prof. Mohamed M. Al-Hileh


Background: Global higher educational systems have progressive exponentially coextensive with up-to-date technology. Based on the importance of university teaching in transferring teaching process into learning process, and in order to keep pace with the technological progress, and the changes imposed by the modern educational trends in the age of globalization, so that the learner has become the center of the teaching learning process, with a view to meet his needs, taking into consideration the individual differences among the learners, and employing technology to facilitate the learning process, in order to ensure the quality of the educational learning outcomes.

Martials and methods: This paper came to view the advantages of e-learning, and the resulting forms that represented by blended learning and flipped learning, to develop a proposed strategy for university teaching that combines the advantages of these three kinds of learning, as well as employing systemic approach in the process of organizing learning content and design it, to suit the proposed strategy. The author included relevant studies that yielded information regarding bros and cons of the three teaching strategies.

Results: The studied teaching strategies have their advantages and disadvantages. Remarkably, when one integrates E-Learning teaching strategies into a face-to-face class, the advantages of online instruction tend to replace the disadvantages of face-to-face instruction.

Conclusion: The conclusion draws on personal reflections accompanying with the proposed teaching strategy, overall aim is to share contextualized experiences, to add to the knowledge base on teaching strategies, and to provide some general, practical recommendations.

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