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Parental Incarceration and its Relationship with Financial Resources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Dr. Arshad Khan Bangash, Miss. Sayyeda Naila Javed, Mr. Nizar Ahmad, Mr. Shahab Khan, Miss. Fariha Bibi


This study aimed to analyze the impact of financial resources on parental incarceration of children that how an absence or lack of financial resources affected children with incarcerated parents.  The study was conducted with the help of positivistic methodology and quantitative tools of data collection as three levels (Yes, NO and Uncertain) likert scale based questionnaire was used. A sample size of 150 respondents was randomly selected with equal ratio of genders and tehsils from the family members of the prisoners including their wives, children and siblings from three tehsils i.e. Mardan, Katlang and Takhtbhai of District Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The data was analyzed at univariate and bivariate level while using the application of Statistical Package for Social Sciences and Chi-Square Test Statistics. A significant association was found among higher rate of parental incarceration in poor families, children increasing poverty rate, disturbance of health facilities, issues in paying educational operating expense on time, decreasing social class of children and parental incarceration. The study concluded that parental incarnation negatively affected financial resources of family members and children. Similarly, education and health facilities available to children get disturb due their parental incarceration and make them expose to the problem of malnutrition and social problems like beggary. On the basis of the study results it was recommended that various program should be initiated to facilitate children with incarcerated parents. They should be provided with free of cost legal support, health, education and food facilities to make them able as a productive citizen of the country.

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