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Information Systems Architecture Synthesis based on the Multiple Integration Method

Aleksandr Ryndin, Sergey Sapegin


The research objective: The study is aimed at developing a method for the rational IS architecture synthesis based on the methods of multiple integration.

The relevance of the research: The increase in the size and functionality of modern information systems (IS) is one of the trends in the development of information technologies. This is associated both with the development of technologies and methodologies for building IS, and with the nature of the tasks that are put before the developers. In these conditions, the task of building a rational IS architecture becomes one of the tasks determining the course and success of modern IT projects.

Methods of the research: The article uses methods of linear and nonlinear optimization, systematic analysis, and the theory of information processes and systems.

Results: As a result of the study, a method is proposed for the synthesizing the IS architecture, taking into account the business requirements, the existing and planned ecosystem, within which the IS will be deployed, as well as the compatibility of individual components. The article considers the limits of the applicability of this solution, and proposes the algorithm for calculating the conditional probabilities of compatibility of various IS components.

Conclusion: The developed method will significantly improve the decision-making process in the course of building the IS architectures through preliminary evaluation of architecture options and provision of a choice from a variety of suboptimal options.

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