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Use of Operating Microscope in Endodontics: A Survey Applied In Chile

Camila Fuentes, Gonzalo Oporto


Background. The incorporation of Operating Microscope (OM) in the clinical practice would allow to perform treatments that, in absence of this equipment, could be impracticable and/or with a questionable outcome. Aim. The aim of this study were to describe the frequency of use of the MO by students who were attending a Specialty Program of Endodontics in Chile, establishing the procedures in which it is used most frequently and knowing the difficulties or disadvantages in its use. Methods. A descriptive cross sectional study was performed from March to august 2016. Two hundred and fifteen students from postgraduate programs in endodontics from eleven Chilean universities were included in this research. Results. One hundred and thirty six students of the different specialty program of endodontic participated in the questionnaire of 215 (response rate 63.2 %). The survey inquired whether the respondents used the OM in their practice. Data revealed 69.86% do not use the OM and 30.14% use the OM. The use of OM was 30.14% being much lower than reported by Mines in 1992, that was a 52% use and that figure rose even more in 2008 to 90% of use in the USA, Mines et al., 1992. Conclusion. The percentage of use of OM in postgraduate students is low compared to the use of OM reported from other authors. Therefore, it is a challenge to carry out complementary studies that broaden and deepen the use of OM in Chile.

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