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Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Morphological Changes in Natural Channel Bend

Seung Kyu, LEE, Truong An, DANG


Researches on bed load transport problems in the mountainous rivers using the commercial models often lead to the prediction results being unreliable due to the application of single size particles in the sediment transport module, while the particle size distribution in the river bed's surface is inhomogeneous. This work therefore proposed two-dimensional (2D) numerical models for predicting flow and river morphological changes in open channels with bed load transport module proceeded by particle size fraction. In the proposed model, the hydrodynamics module was constructed based on the shallow water equations and sediment transport module was constructed by bed load transport formula. A finite difference method was carried out to discretize the hydrodynamic and sediment transport equations. Performance of the proposed model and CCHE2D model was assessed for two specific cases. First, the proposed models were applied for simulating bed degradation of laboratory experiment under unsteady flow condition. The models then were further applied to simulating river morphological changes in the Eosungjun river section belong to Yangyang river in South Korea. The results simulated shown that the proposed model has well predicted river bed variability for both experimental channel and the curved river section.

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