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Research on the Innovative Research and Development Process Built for the Development and Design of the Cultural and Creative Products

Tai-Shan Lee


In the 21st century of thriving technology and information, plenty of newly emerging technologies and creative industries have rapidly sprung up like mushrooms so that innovative invention has become a trend. In particular, the industry combining technology with the cultural and creative is one of the most popular industries now. Therefore, this study integrates the innovative research and development process into the development and design of the cultural and creative products. First, this study develops a fuzzy two-dimensional quality model to collect voices of customers and adopts the Analytic Network Process to compute the weights of voices of customers. Next, the Fuzzy Quality Function Development changes the voices of customers into technical requirements, and then the critical technical requirement adopts TRIZ to solve the problems of design and invention as well as to optimize the design of cultural and creative products. Last, this study takes a cultural and creative product named Qi Instrument, representing the Chinese cultural philosophy - “it is tilted when empty; it is upright when half-full; it is toppled when full”, as an example, in order to solve the problems of design and invention and to optimize the design of Qi Instrument. Creating the artifact, Qi Instrument, full of philosophy, enables the classic cultural relics to combine the modern creativity, so that the products full of interest and meaning can be developed as well. The innovative model proposed by this study can be reference for the development and design of the cultural and creative products.

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