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Knowledge and Attitude about Hepatitis Viruses in Western Saudi Arabia: A University-Based Cross Sectional Survey

Ayman Khalid Johargy, Adil Jamal, Mohammed Ahmed Garout, Nariman Amiruddin Ahmad Sindi, Sumaiya Ezaat Sharaf


Background: Hepatitis is an acute and as well chronic hepatic infection. Key knowledge, understanding, awareness and attitude can play significant role to prevent hepatitis infections.

Aims: To assess information, knowledge and attitude among university students with respect to hepatitis (B, C and G).

Methodology: A community based, cross sectional descriptive study was performed among 2733 students (both gender) of different faculties at Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia. Close-ended questionnaire was used to survey attributes regarding knowledge and attitude about hepatitis (B, C and G). Semi-structured and close ended questionnaire was used to assess knowledge and attitude based attributes of participants in this study. Descriptive statistics was performed to analyze the variables. The level of significance was set with p value < 0.05. The chi square test was performed to analyze the association between information sources and knowledge, information sources and attitude, knowledge and attitude.

Results: The results indicated that most of student's source of information about hepatitis (B, C and G) was significantly acquired from radio and TV. Our study concluded that maximum students have knowledge and awareness towards hepatitis viruses while attitude based questions when analyzed interrupted satisfactory response of participants. Significant association was studied between sources and knowledge (P-value< 0.001), sources and attitude. (P-value =0.018), knowledge and attitude (P-value = 0.002).

Conclusion: It is exigent to increase the information, knowledge, attitude level and quality of training regarding hepatitis to have significant awareness in schools, colleges, university and general community to prevent the hepatitis transmission and infection.

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