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Hybrid Cross-Platform Application Framework for Mobile Devices

Wilayat Khan, Muhammad Uzair, Muhammad Altaf, Tallha Akram, Syed Rameez Naqvi


Mobile phones are being used in shopping, security, and marketing, healthcare, and enterprise applications. Companies normally bring their contents and applications to their employees and customers by optimizing their websites, building native, web or hybrid applications. Customers are available with a number of choices of mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry and web browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome and Safari. This highly fragmented and evolving market challenges developers and development companies to develop native applications for multiple platforms. Cross-platform programming frameworks partially solved this issue by enabling developers to build one application and run on multiple platforms, thereby, reaching a broad audience. However, similar to platforms, there are many cross-platform frameworks each with different capabilities and limitations, making it difficult for the developers to be skilled in each. Moreover, as mobile world is growing rapidly, it is challenging to keep the frameworks up for every newcomer platform and newer versions of existing ones. In this work, a high level hybrid architecture of a cross-platform application framework based on open web applications framework is proposed. The framework is aimed to leverage the standard web technologies HTML, cascading-style sheet and JavaScript. It allows users to install open web applications and execute them inside a web browser without Internet access. As result of this framework, both the user and developers would be able to buy and develop an application only once and run it on devices with different platforms.

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