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Examining the Role of Trust in Building ICT Usage Behavior: An Empirical Study

Khawaja K. F., Qureshi I. A.


The purpose of conducting this study is to test the relationship between user trust on ICT and user intention that eventually builds users ICT usage behavior for knowledge sharing. To fulfill the purpose of conducting this study, questionnaire was designed and distributed. Data was collected from one hundred and fifty (150) permanent and visiting faculty members of two public sector universities that solely offer distance education programs. Statistical techniques like: confirmatory factor analysis, correlation analysis, descriptive analysis, reliability and validity analysis, structural equation modeling were performed. The analysis of the results revealed strong psychometric properties, along with the strong association between constructs of the current study. To test the proposed hypotheses, regression coefficients and p-values were extracted, revealing positive and significant relationship between trust and intention; and intention and ICT usage behavior. Hence, hypothesis 1 and 2 were accepted. In most of the educational institutes of Pakistan, traditional method of teaching and learning is widely in use. However, universities inorder to cope with the ongoing trend and need to capture more market share, are investing on ICT for providing distance education to students residing in remote areas. But in most of the cases, ICT fails and user resists in using ICT. Therefore current study is beneficial for top-management and IT department of the educational institutes, as it helps them in examining teachers trust on ICT for knowledge sharing and their ICT usage behavior for virtual teaching.

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