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Combined Effect of Effective Microorganisms and Seaweed Concentrate Kelpak® on Growth and Yield of Cabbage

Satekge T. K, Mafeo T. P, Kena M. A


The aim of this study was to determine the combined effect of Effective Microorganisms (EM) and seaweed concentrate (SWC) Kelpak® on growth and yield of cabbage under shade house and micro-plot, which is currently not documented. Treatments comprised control, Kelpak®, EM and EM+Kelpak® arranged in RCBD with 10 replicates. Number of leaves and seedling height were taken bi-weekly from 2nd week after transplanting until the 6th week. Four-month after transplanting, chlorophyll content, weight of entire plant, fresh leaf, fresh head, fresh root, dry leaf, dry head and dry root, polar and equatorial diameter of head, head shape and stem diameter were also measured. Combination of EM and Kelpak® significantly (P ≤ 0.05) increased number of leaves and improved seedling height at week 6 with the exception of week 2 and 4 under both sites. Results further showed that under both sites, EM+Kelpak® improved chlorophyll content, and increased weight of entire plant, fresh leaf, fresh head, and stem diameter. Under shade house, EM+Kelpak® improved head polar diameter. However, under both sites, treatments were not significant on the weight of fresh root, dry root, dry leaf, dry head and equatorial head diameter. In conclusion, combination of EM and Kelpak® improved cabbage growth and yield under both sites.

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