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Six Sigma Analysis Process with Group Decision Support System for Construction Workshop

Vikrant Dongre, Malay Niraj


Today several industries are challenging together in their environment and they are interrelated with group decision support system. Group decision support system (GDSS) has been already implemented in management process of construction briefing workshop. Such type of management process can be more emphasized in the workshop. From theoretical aspect it is fact that the group decision supports system is a part of decision supports system (DSS).group decision supports system takes team approach. The team member elaborated for the corrective action in workshop. In this study data has adopted for evaluation of progress and control of production process in workshop. Here the six sigma approach has been taken as hierarchy action for analysis of process in workshop. And for this action author has been developed six sigma analysis technique (SSAT) that is type of statistical approach of six sigma. It is an integrated analysis approach. The approach has been performed to detect the restoration of previous results. It is good strategic technique. This technique has been incorporated with group decision support system (GDSS) and it is a useful approach for real time execution in progress of process. The approach is tactic and it reduces the deviation of processing the job in workshop. Consequently this six sigma analysis technique would be one of the best approaches for testing performance of other workshop or an industry. 

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