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Factors Affecting Teachers ICT Acceptance for Knowledge Sharing: A Study on Pakistani Universities

Khawaja K. F., Qureshi I. A.


Nowadays distance education programs are launched for students residing in remote areas. Information communication technologies (ICT) are the only mean through which teachers can share their knowledge. But sometimes users distrust or resist using ICT; causing its failure. Therefore the current study aims to investigate factors that build teachers ICT usage behavior for knowledge sharing in Pakistan. Three research questions and five hypotheses were proposed, tested and answered in this study. The study takes a quantitative approach by obtaining data from 150 teachers of two (2) public sector universities through a survey, who use ICT for knowledge sharing. To address the research questions and hypotheses, descriptive analysis, correlation analysis, reliability analysis, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modeling (SEM) were conducted. The results suggest that except social influence; performance expectancy and effort expectancy have a significant influence on behavioral intention to use ICT for knowledge sharing. In addition, facilitating conditions and teachers behavioral intention is significantly related to ICT usage behavior. Hence hypotheses 1, 2, 4, 5 were accepted; rejecting hypothesis 3 only.

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