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A Research on Mapping Land Use Changes in a University Campus: Ege University (İzmir -Turkey)

İpek Altuğ Turan


Aim: The aim of the study is to produce the land use change maps in Ege University – Turkey, for a 10-year period by using orthophoto images. 

Material and method: Temporal and spatial changes of land use were analysed based on three land use maps, topographical maps taken in the years 2002, 2006 and 2011. Also land use dominancy analyses were conducted on the study area for each year.

Result: As a result, it has been seen that, the campus’ agricultural identity in early years has changed as well as its green open space character because of the new manmade constructions on these land types.

Conclusion: As a conclusion, the campus has been mostly turned into a manmade character. At the end of the study general assessment was done according to the data obtained and reccomendations and conclusions were put forward for the study area. Also a developing map for the study area to increase the vegetation areas’ dominancy overall the campus. Thus the study area is surrounded with a green area belt and the no vegetation areas have been refunctioned.

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