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A Research on Green Infrastructure Potential of Tabakhane Stream, Aydın, Turkey

Bülent DENİZ


Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the ecological corridor and green infrastructure potential of the Tabakhane Stream in the City of Aydın, Turkey.

Materials and methods: Although the Tabakhane Stream has a considerable ecological corridor potential, the Stream lost its ecological significance due to intensive urban settlement pressure. In the first part of the study, the current status of the Stream and its surroundings were analysed. Identified problems were classified as “land use”, “management”, “user based” and “ecological”. SWOT analysis was performed using “Ranking Technique’’ to classify each criterion numerically from “low importance” to “extremely important”.

Results: Since the importance of the streams potential was underestimated the expected ecological, recreational, and social benefits were not achieved. The outcomes of the analysis supported that the stream bed’s poor image was the weakest feature which has an impact value of 8,0. Also accepting the stream as a management and planning problem by the local government, instead of considering its ecological, recreational and social importance was identified as the main threat with an impact value of 7,9. The Stream as an important component for the green infrastructure system, was found as the biggest opportunity with an average impact value of 8,2 which is an anticipated result of this study.

Conclusion: It is crucial to understand that these aims and strategies could only be achieved by integration and participation of the local municipality, civil organizations, and universities in the streams planning, design and management processes.

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