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An Effective Use of Mobile Learning Process in Physical Education: Case of Triple Jumping

Houda Dammak, Salma Abedelmalek, Nizar Souissi


Background: Educational designers and educators recognize the potential of mobile technologies as a new learning tool for students in the 21st century and have integrated them into the learning especially in the teaching of sports and physical education. The aim of this study was to investigate the effective use of ICTs during a three-leap learning cycle in the Tunisian academic university on the performance of students. The use of mobile is characterized by the digital demonstration, digital feedback and access to a social network. Materials and methods: Forty male students divided into two groups (EG: n=20; CG: n=20). We proposed to the two groups the same unit of learning, but only the GE has the use of mobile while the WG has undergone a traditional teaching method. Three digital tablets and twenty smartphones were used.

Results: Our results show an improvement in the performance of the overall jump and the three leaps higher in the EG. Our study also shows a significant improvement in the technical gesture of triple jump at the level of eight parameters in the EG, while in the CG the improvement of the technical gesture is remarkable only at the level of two parameters out of eight.

Conclusion: To summarize learning with digital tools significantly improves the qualitative and quantitative performance of students during a triple jump cycle and that the technological learning approach brings a synergistic effect and can lead to practical educational knowledge for educators seeking to use lessons based on mobile.

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