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Evaluation of canal transportation in maxillary roots prepared for post insertion using three conformation systems: an in vitro study

Daniel Aracena, Hermann Catrian, Eduardo Borie, Luis Bustos, Angella Aracena, Mario Guzmán


Aim (Background): The palatal roots of the upper molars are generally selected to receive intraradicular retention posts for prosthetic purposes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the degree of transport in maxillary palatine canals prepared for intraradicular post insertion by using three different systems.

Material and methods: Ninety extracted first maxillary molars were instrumented manually and obturated using the lateral condensation technique. They were then divided into three groups after the removal of gutta-percha from up to 5 mm of the working length. The canal curves were determined for each of three systems: non-instrumented canals, after instrumentation and sealed, and after gutta-percha removal.

Results: The highest degree of canal transport was identified in the instrumented and obturated teeth, prior to the preparation of the canals for post insertion. No significant differences were observed in the canal transport of the three studied systems.

Conclusion: Partial preparation resulted in weakening of the root structure and transport in the root canal.

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