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α-Amylase Activity in a Tunisian Almond (Prunus amygdalus Mill.) Germinating Seedlings

Saoussen Hermi, Safa Tlich, Faycel El Mhamdi, Sellema Bahri


Under in vitro germination, we report for the first time, an α -amylase from an enzyme extract (S10) of an almond (Prunus amygdalus Mill.) cultivar ‘Tuono’. Our initial investigations focused on germination conditions that require the removal of the exocarp from almonds, as well as 16 h of imbibition. We demonstrated, by a colorimetric method, the existence of an α-amylase activity in germinating almond seedlings. This activity was  maximum at the 4th day of germination. Optimum activity was  detected at 55 °C and at a pH of 4 and also at a lower neutral pH (7.5). The enzyme kinetic parameters were Km = 5.37 mM  and Vmax = 49.33  nkat.

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