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Analysis characteristics of communications based on the joint of the drive lines of practitioners during the game of Futsal

Kacem Nejah, Naffeti chokri, Soiussi Abdelkader, Elloumi Ali


Aim: players of Futsal information provides information on their decisions, the interaction between practitioners revolves around two types of communication: the communication of cooperation and communication opposition. In this context, the objective of our study is to reveal the types of reports between practitioners of Futsal. Material and methods: our study is based on the observation of 8 games of Futsal in a population of study with the teams qualified for the final phase of a quarter-final of the UEFA Championship of Futsal. In all, 16 teams of Futsal subject to our analysis of the game for a total of about 224 players. The matches are cut in shot of the game (CJ). It is proposed to analyze the hang of the game in terms of duration, number of passes, of dribbling, interceptions, shooting, markdowns, and value of the hang of the game and the percentage of the hang of game made. the hit game is our analytical unit. Results: we found that the game is based on systems of interactions that are formed on the ground, the mode of collective organization allowing a placement game in the space of interaction determined by cultural factors of references, the collective organization allowing an investment of the space of the game

Conclusion: High level Futsal requires not only the order of tactical, technical and physical aspects, but also takes into account social factors that affect the cohesion of the team, the question here is in terms of the game system, puts emphasis on the means implemented to win.

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