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Entrepreneurial Intentions of Saudi Students: Between the Requirements of Culture and the Need for Follow-up Planned Behavior-Case of Majmaah University



This research study evaluates and anticipates the most prominent orientation that are likely to shape the entrepreneurial intentions (EI) of the Saudi youth, especially the university graduates, where we find most of them are looking for stable jobs more than their creating private businesses despite the increasing unemployment due to the large number of graduates every year which makes it impossible to create job opportunities for all. It appears on Kingdom's Vision 2030 which bets on the sector's revival. In this study, we will attempt to explain why students are reluctant to choose their own jobs as a career. This study was based on analytical descriptive technique (ADT) and quantitative statistical method(QSM) to monitor the most important factors affecting the entrepreneurial intentions and to identify the reasons for this reluctance for students of the faculty of business (business administration and accounting track) at Majmaah University. The result showed that the variable fear of failure is the most influential influence on the entrepreneurial intentions, and followed by the lack of having cultural entrepreneur (CE) and the lack of awareness of the existence of mechanisms of assistance and accompaniment that can help them at a beginning of the life cycle of their projects. The other changes didn’t have a significant effect on the entrepreneurial intentions.

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