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The Impact of Using KidSmart Software in the Development of some Art Skills of Kindergarten Children in Jordan

Dr. Osamah Abdel Qader Bani Milhem, Dr. Maysoon Mohammad Muhaisen


Background: Technology has heavily influenced our life. Taking education into our account, it has become apparent that there must be an integral bond between modern technology and several aspects of learning students, every now and then, encounter.

Methods:  To achieve this goal, the semi-experimental approach was used. The research sample consisted of (50) male and female kindergarten children, chosen from the students of Sarut High School (a public school in the district of Zarqa in Jordan). This sample was randomly divided into two groups: experimental and control. The experimental group studied using KidSmart software, while the control group studied following the regular way. A note card for art skills has been developed.

Results: The results of the study showed that there was a statistically significant difference between the mean of the control group and the experimental group (as a whole) in the note card of the art skills of the kindergarten children in favour of the experimental group, and a significant difference between the average of the control group and the experimental group in the skill of colouring, cutting and  pasting in the note card of art education skills of Kindergarten children in favour of the experimental group.

Conclusion: It is recommended to use the KidSmart program for the kindergarten stage, due to the positive effect of this program in the development of the art skills that is shown in this study. It is also recommended to conduct further studies to identify the effectiveness of KidSmart in developing the creative thinking and language skills of Kindergarten children.


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