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Violence of supporters groups at Stadiums in Tunisia

Trabelsi Hsan, Suissi Nizar, Ben Abdallah Foued


The violence of supporters groups is a societal problem that affects many countries in the world including Tunisia. The research article aimed to: First, analyzed the violence expressed in the slogans and the stadium songs. Second, we ask to know the causes of participate of the supporters groups in the violent events. However, to date, most studies use quantitative or survey approach to explain football supporters’ violence. For this reason we base our analysis on a qualitative approach which allowed us to analyze the verbal violence and determine the sociodemographic characteristics of the supporters that are considered violent. We conducted a qualitative search to understand why ultra-groups engage in violent events. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 40 supporters’ participants who are known for resorting to violence at stadiums. The elements in our sample are from two clubs from the capital: the (E.S.T) and the (C.A).  Results showed that a difference significate among the answers of the supporters of the two clubs. In witch the paradox of this study is: the supporters of the two clubs feel regret the acts violent. Furthermore, violence was higher when that frequently supporters engage in such acts during derby matches. Violent behavior is reinforced by seeking revenge particularly in derby matches. Also, these results indicate that among the catalysts of violence are the social dimensions, an identity combat and a means of social and political contestation, the refusal of the loss of the favorite team, the implication in acts violent, and the suit able environment.

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