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Fabrication of Tramadol Hydrochloride Liquid Selective Membranes and Application it in Pharmaceutical Samples

Amina M. Abass, Ekhlas A. Salman Al Zubiady, Huda ghalib Salman, Ahmed Ahmed


This study  is classified in  analytical electrochemistry  by  prepared many tramadol  hydrochloride electrodes based on PVC with electroactive which contain : tramadol hydrochloride(TRM)  – phosphotungestic acid(PTA) with four plasticizers including:Di-n-butyl phthalate(DBPH),o-Nitro phenyl octyl ether(NPOE),Tri-n-butyl phosphate(TBP),Di-n-butyl phosphate(DBP), just two electrodes were gave a Nernstain response equal to 59.70 and 51.50 mV per decade for electrodes  were based on DBPH and NPOE as a plasticizers ,respectively,and tramadol electrodes which depended on TBP and DBP have been non –Nernstain response equel to 38.80 and 37.70  mV per decade ,therefore these electrode consider useless.Detection limit was around 6.3×10-6  and 7.2×10-6 M with linear range was 1.0×10-5-1.0×10-1 M for both electrodes based on DBPH and NPOE as a plasticizers..Correlation coefficient were near to 0.9995,0.9994,respectively.In this work also studied range of  response time which around between 2-16 ,1.5-17.0,4.0-27.0 and 6.0-28.0 sec for electrodes DBPH,NPOE,TBP and DBP,respectivelt,and upper value of response time was in concentration 10-4M of tramadol solution by using DBP electrode.Lifetime were equal to 29,23,4,2 days for electrodes depended on plasticizers DBPH,NPOE,TBP and DBP,respectively,the effect of PH were determined  at different concentration using  tramadol electrodes,all electrodes were gave range of PH from 2.0 to 9.5.Also selectivity of tramadol electrode that have been calculated for DBPH and NPOE electrodes of tramadol hydrochloride.Finally,the aim of this research to determined tramadol hydrochloride in pure form and pharmaceutical formations using direct,titration ,standard addition ,multi standard addition methods at 10-3 and 10-4 M for tramadol hydrochloride solution.  

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