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Transcultural validation of a coping measure in a Tunisian population : “Inventory of Coping Strategies in Sports Competition” (ICSSC) Gaudreau and Blondin, 2002

Ben Abdallah Foued, Souissi Nizar, Trabelsi Hsan, Mohamed Jarraya, Boughattas Wissal


The ICSSC “Inventory of Coping Strategies in Sports Competition” is a measure instrument in French language designed to evaluate the different coping strategies that an athlete can deploy facing generating sports situations of stress or anxiety. After critical analyses
of adapted sports versions, Gaudreau and Blondin (2002) proposed the ISCCS questionnaire to measure coping strategies in the field of competitive sports, André and Laurencelle, (2010).  This article presents thus a cross-cultural validation study of the ICSSC to develop an Arabic language instrument measuring coping strategies whether in individual or collective sports. 406 athletes (240 men and 166 women, average age 21.13 ± 2.94 years) participating in different individual and team competitions have been voluntarily part of this survey. Validity and fiability of the data have been collected and analysed by the Test-retest method. The studies 1, 2 and 3 confirm the validity and fidelity questionnaire construct in Arabic language. The statistical analysis, in fact, has been realized by the SPSS version 22.0.0 and IBM AMOS. Factorial confirmatory analyses demonstrated good adjustments for the task-oriented coping model (chi-square: 379.11, CFI: 0,95; TLI: 0,94; GFI: 0,92; RMSEA: 0,043, p <0,001) and the emotion-oriented coping model (chi-square: 242,69, CFI: 0,90; TLI: 0,92; GFI, 0,92; RMSEA: 0,060, p <0,001) in the fourth study. In its Arabic version, ICSSC displays psychometric properties identical to the original version, allowing to consider it as a valid coping measure for the Tunisian population. In conclusion, it is noticeable that ICSSC is validated in different languages like French, English, Spanich, Turkish…etc

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