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Love as Unattainable Object to free man from the bondage of War in Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms

Zhang Long hai Prf. Ph.D, Abdullah Jassim Muhamed


The present paper is an attempt to analyze the concept of love as an unattainable to  free modern man from the bondage of war in one of Hemingway's great masterpiece A Farewell to Arms. The novel tackles the status of modern man during the time of crises. It shows that love cannot be attained due to collapse society resulted from World War I. The paper aims to discuss the life of the  protagonist during the time of war and the reason which pushes him to escape the battlefield. Also, it sheds light on status of the protagonist at the end of the novel whether love helps him to escape the dismay of war or not in order to seek for happiness. That can be achieved by the protagonist's love relationship with the heroine. The work might also assume that the concept of war does not only imply the mechanical war; however, it also stands for the world modern man lives in. For that reason, he has taken his beloved away from the world to be free himself from the bondage of the materialistic world. Finally, the study comes up with recommendation for further researches.

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