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Professional skills of teachers in physical education: effects of different academic training courses

Ghayaza Nizar, Kacem Nejah, Sabri GAIED CHORTANE, Elloumi Ali


Aims: Skills grow throughout the initial training of the students, during internship situation, but also at the level of synthesis that they can operate in what concerns other aspects of the training they are theoretical-practical or theoretical. The internship is the crucial time to build skills for intervention among students. However, can research are conducted in physical education in order to consider a producer meaning integration where the student teaching becomes the place of an intersection leading to the acquisition of the skills teachers, constantly renewable. This study is intended to analyze the impact of the different University courses at the ISSEP formations, which are, the mastery and the fundamental license in EP, on student teachers in a stage of integration in professional life during the internship teaching. We proceed to the derivative in terms of ownership of professional skills in EP. Material and methods: the study has focused on the observation and assessment by video recording of 140 sessions of EPS. The study found that two University courses predispose not enough eloquently to the acquisition of skills that define a professionally competent teacher of EPS, i.e. with language performance as a "freelancer" of educational debate. Result: Found, moreover, that students trained in control were more likely to exercise the profession of teaching of the EP. Moreover, trainee teachers from section tray-sport eventually acceded to training in basic license in EP had roughly equivalent to those registered with the teacher’s professional services students of master of EP. Conclusion: This analysis of the pedagogical behaviors of physical education teachers from different backgrounds with a different school capital

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