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The impact of Intellectual Capital on the Level of Competitive Excellence in the Jordanian Insurance Companies from the Point of View of its Managers

Dr.Mohammad Theeb Mubaideen


The purpose of this study was to identify the impact of intellectual capital on the level competitive of excellence in the Jordanian insurance companies from the point of view of its managers. The study sample included all managers working in (28) Jordanian insurance company, it has (280) Administrator and Director. The study relied on descriptive statistical methods, where means and the standard deviations were obtained to determine the degree of response of the sample members to the questionnaire's items and to answer the study questions. A questionnaire has been designed to collect data from the study sample; its validity and reliability were verified and found suitable for the purpose of the study. The study found an effect of the fields of intellectual capital on the level of competitive excellence in the Jordanian insurance companies. The results also showed presence of statistical significance effect of the fields (human capital, structural capital, relational capital) at the level of competitive excellence in the insurance companies in Jordan. The study concludes that intellectual, human, structural and relational capitals have significant effect on the level of competitive excellence in the Jordanian insurance companies. It also recommended the need to develop specific strict and standards to choose cadres inside, where it contributes to the selection of academic degrees and professional and intellectual abilities appropriate for each job within the company, in addition to conducting various training courses and adopting the concept of continuing education within the company to improve the level of human capital.

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