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A study of it is political and civilizational history

Prof assistant Majid Musheer Al Khatawi


Der city occupies very important position in the history of archeological sites due to its
location between Mesopotamia and Kingdom of Elam. In the ancient ages, the city played
very vital role in shaping the political relationships during the Sumerian and Akkadian ages
as well as the third dynasty of Ur. Der city was influential on political and economic levels
because it was very rich in natural resources. The research consists of four sections. The first
discusses the origin of its name. That would explicate from the opinions of different
researchers; some of theme believe that the name of Der city was derived from the word bad
in the language spoken that time but others believe that the name is attributed to a name of
goddess. Also, the section gives an elaboration about the location of the city; then it explains
about its historical importance. The second section tackles the historical roots of Der city due
to historical records and cuneiform resources . The third section argues the origination of Der
city as a kingdom ; in broader sense, the section sheds light on the political and economic
factors which helped the city to rise until the time of its fall and the reason beyond that. The
fourth section gives an insight, on one hand, about the civilizational nature of the city and the
features which made it distinctive along the history; on the other hand, the violation on its
archeological site where its archeological site has been prone to looting and stealing. Finally,
the paper ends up with conclusion which recapitulates what is mentioned the discussion of
the four sections.

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