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Molecular Identification Of Ten Iraqi Maize Genotypes Using ISSR Markers

Attyaf Jameel Thamir Al-Tamimi, Taif Razzaq Majeed AL-Saadi


Background: DNA fingerprint ,genetic relationship  were determined  for ten Iraqi maize genotypes. Materials: DNA was extracted from apical fresh leaves using Genomic DNA mini Kit and ten  ISSR markers were examined  , amplification conducted using Thermo cycler  and products examined using agarose gel electrophoresis .Results:  ISSR markers amplification product ranging in their molecular size between 114bp and 1098bp producing 95 polymorphic out of 152 main band. Primers  UBC808, UBC809, UBC812 , UBC814, UBC816, 844A, UBC807 and HB12 success  in giving  a unique fingerprint for most studied genotypes with high value of unique bands reached to five in primer UBC809. The higher value for polymorphism ,efficiency and discriminatory value were  80,0.25 and 17.89 in primers UBC808,UBC811 and UBC816 respectively while  the lower value for these three parameters were 31.25 , 0.052 and 5.26  respectively produced by primer HB12. Values of genetic distance and genotypes arrangement in phyllogenetic tree in clusters and sub clusters  not strongly concerned with genotypes pedigree  or collection sites . Conclusion : ISSR markers could efficiently used for demonstration  of cultivars bearing a novel allele, fingerprinting and genetic relationships, in future this would  facilitate breeding programs for heterosis .

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