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Impact of Pulmonary function in hyperkyphotic subjects after therapeutic intervention- A Qualitative review

Senthil  Purushothaman, Murali Punniakotti, Radhakrishnan Raja, Rathnamala Dhanavel, Sarala Ramasamy


Aim (Background): After the fourth decade of life, the kyphosis point starts to compound and increment above 40°, prompting an over the top kyphosis bend known as age-related hyperkyphosis. Age-related hyperkyphosis affects both the sexes with increase in occurrence for women after menopausal stage. Moreover, there is developing proof to recommend that women with hyperkyphosis encounter higher frequency of daily activity issues, weakness conditions and prior mortality. The effect of individuals with hyperkyphosis on pneumonic capacity is vital and need to give noteworthy consideration and need successful proof based mediation. Our aim of the narrative review is to find the hyperkyphosis and effect on pulmonary function and shifting mediation estimates taken adequately. We need to delineate the gaps in hyperkyphosis on pulmonary function and mediation and thoughts for the future research. 

Materials and Methods: A qualitative study design with registration done in PROSPERO (CRD42018086499) and the systematic analysis have been done from varying databases using the keywords as hyperkyphosis, kyphosis, aging, postural spinal impairment, osteoporosis etc in the search engine and we have reviewed qualitatively the age-related hyperkyphosis and its intervention on pulmonary function and excluded the other complication of hyperkyphosis.

Results: After collecting the results of few studies, the intervened merits and demerits of the studies are reported.

Conclusion: After the thorough analysis of the few studies, the impact of hyperkyphosis on pulmonary function was explained very less and interventional protocol also lacks for evidence. In future, definitely more the studies are needed to check the impact and effective intervention approach of age-related hyperkyphosis on pulmonary function.

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