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Evolution of Pak-China Strategic Partnership and Its Impacts on Uni-polar World

Muhammad Kafeel, Dr. Wasim Uddin, Dr Mamnoon Ahmad Khan


The purpose of this research paper is to study the necessities and compulsions behind Pak-China strategic partnership and its impacts on the unipolar world. Historically the roots of Pak-China relations are deep enough which spread even prior to the existence of these two present states. However, in inception the two countries started their relations due to political needs. In 1960s the strategic environment led two states to start defense relations and strengthened during Indo-Pak wars of 1965 & 1971. The fall of East Pakistan had changed the regional strategic imperatives which brought two countries got closer, hereafter they started full-fledged relations. During Afghan War the strategic interests of the both states were at stake due to Soviet presence in Afghanistan, so they jointly deter the Soviet threat.  In 1990s US imposed sanctions on Pakistan due to its' nuclear program, and also imposed sanction on China for supporting Pakistan. Those sanctions were also proved fruitful in flourishing the Pak-China relations. However, after 9/11 the startup of new great game in the region and subsequent strategic alignments on regional and trans-regional arena for collective and individual state's interests changed the Pak-China formal relations into strategic partnership. The other countries of the region such as Russia, Central Asian states including Iran are also coming closer for greater strategic interests of the region which will surely affect world’s power centers.   

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