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Special training for Removing Barriers to Achievement in the performance of Approach and Advancement Stages and its Impact in Some Biomechanical Variables and long jump competition

Dr. Mahdi Lafta Rahi, Assist.Prof.Dr.Ghafar Saad Issa, M.A. Saif Mohammed Khadum


 this study aimed  to prepare special & aid trainings by  removing  Barriers of Achievement using (Treadmill) for the purpose of recognizing their impact on some special biomechanical variables in the two stages of approaching and advancing of  long jump competition, while the researcher assumed  that there are no differences  in the results of pre and post  tests in some physical abilities and achievement and some Bio Mechanical  variables and some activity indicators electricity in the three competition stages the research  applied on triple jumpers  National Center for Nurturing Sport Talent of Athletic their average age was (17.4) and in a deviation of  (0.547) and average lengths (177.6)  by a deviation (4.547) and average weights (69.800) and \ by a deviation (5.263) The researcher used the experimental method of one group  to pretest  and posttest tests like the test of achievement test for long jump as well as an imaging video attempts sample to extract the bio mechanical variables     the researcher applied the particular training on two assistant training  machines and for a period of than 8 weeks and for  two units a week and then posttests were made  after that, The researcher used the following statistical methods (arithmetic mean, median, standard deviation, sequences, percentage, t-test for independent samples of others) and the study came out with several conclusions : Variables have been developed (force streamer, Flow of the performance, and achievement significantly by the use of aids in training. - Improved appearance in the corners of the approach and push as well as improvement in speed of start and speed of the last step. The researcher recommended to: The necessity of training via using aids to assist in the training in order to serve the privacy of event or competition. The necessity of analyze periodic kinetic tests in order to identify areas of weakness and imbalance in the performance to get the necessary training and to find solutions.

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